Chromatic Tuner + Strobe + Analyzer

APTuner is a sophisticated chromatic tuner for your computer, tablet, and phone. Come see the unparalleled accuracy and insightful user interface features.

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Needle Tuner
Super smooth and responsive needle. Manual or automatic.

Features you will love about APTuner

Note Detection

APTuner is built around a best-in-class note detector spanning 8 octaves even for low piano notes.

Our analysis algorithm eliminates many of the octave or fifth errors you often see with other tuners.

Strobe Display

New to version 1.2 is our true 8 octave strobe display. Every audio sample is fed through the GPU to calculate the real stroboscopic effect--exactly like a mechanical spinning disk. Looks absolutely amazing in landscape on a retina display! (currently only for iPhone)

Performance Analyzer

For the aspiring musicians in the group, you will love APTuner's exclusive Performance Analyzer feature. Get an in-depth analysis of your playing ability over time. This is perfect for ear-training, scales, and getting a better awareness of your tonal quality.

You can also watch the loudness of each note against its pitch. This way you are not only improving the consistency of your tone, but your volume as well. (currently only for iPhone)

Temperaments & Transpositions

APTuner has all the features you expect in a full featured tuner:

  • Adjustable A4 frequency
  • Transpose concert pitch to your instrument.
  • Switch to a wide range of historical temperaments.

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APTuner for Windows

Yes, we still have the ever popular have APTuner for Windows. Download it here.

APTuner for Windows is shareware. Send a donation of any amount ($35 recommended) to my Paypal account and I'll send back the registration code. Thanks!

Send email to Joseph Broms at aptuner@gmail.com

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